Yes! You really can be an artist!

Submitted 7 years ago
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I love Osmo and all of it's games. Masterpiece is a very useful tool to foster creativity and boost a student's confidence in art. Students really enjoy creating pictures and showing them off. It is also an excellent tool to strengthen eye-hand coordination.

How I Use It

Masterpiece for Osmo is a great tool to encourage creative ability. It allows students to draw any picture by tracing the lines. However, you have to trace the lines while looking at the iPad. Your pencil shows on the iPad image while you draw the lines on the paper in front of you. It is an excellent way to work on eye-hand coordination. The user can also combine one image with another and make silly pictures such as putting dad's head on a dinosaur's body! The Osmo kit can be purchased online (very affordable!) and comes with the manipulatives needed for Tangrams, Numbers and Words as well as the "magic" mirror that allows the user to work on the table in front of the iPad. The apps for Osmo are free and include Tangrams, Words, Numbers, Masterpiece and Newton. It is definitely worth the purchase!