Move your marble and make math fun!

Submitted 9 years ago
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Marble Math Junior is a customizable app perfect for early elementary students. You can toggle between a number of concepts including shape recognition and matching, counting money, telling time, ordinal numbers, identifying fractions, and addition, subtraction, and multiplication to 100. Each board lists a task at the top of the screen. Users must manipulate a marble through the maze while completing the task. The focus is, most certainly, on the task. Child can’t read well? No worries! The task can be read to them!

How I Use It

From an educators standpoint, I appreciate two things more than others: the focus on concepts not computation and the ability to enrich or remediate quickly and simply. Some children may have trouble rolling the marble with the tilt of the device. This, too, can be shut off, and students can slide the marble with their fingers.