Awesome projects and inspiration

Submitted 9 years ago
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Beautiful and inspiring projects abound on this website. Unfortunately, many are too complex or expensive to make in my setting (middle school lunch period once a week). I like the breadth and depth of projects available - from engineering to crafting, this site covers it all! I do not like how complex many of the projects are. It would be helpful to rate the projects based on difficulty and expense and then be able to search using those criteria. The crafting section is currently light on projects - I would like to see more, especially more simple projects that are easy for kids to do.

How I Use It

Pictures and videos are super helpful to learn how to make projects. Some projects are incredibly complex and/or expensive to create (and the kids always gravitate to those!!!) I run an upcycling club at my middle school. We are always on the lookout for creative and interesting projects that are doable during a 45 minute lunch period. We will be making the Trader Joe's paper bag flowers once our club starts meeting again in a few weeks. So far, we are only using this website to draw inspiration in our planning.