A supplemental website to an awesome magazine

Submitted 10 years ago
Bill  G.
Bill G.
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My Take

This review is for the Make website and not to be confused with the Make magazine. I highly recommend Make, the magazine. I'm not as enthusiastic about Make the website. It has ads. It has stub, teaser articles that give you a taste and tell you to get the magazine to read the entire story. There is good content. And the Kids & Family section seems particularly useful. However, all of the content is tech-heavy and not at all intended for technophobes. If you teach STEM, this could be a good resource. I recommend it with certain reservations.

How I Use It

"I use this website myself for getting ideas, and for doing background research on potential projects. I do not expect my students to dive into it and get excited about the projects they find, although I did request our school library subscribe to Make Magazine.

It would be an excellent resource for gifted education, but probably not the best thing to turn students of average ability loose on as they will likely become quickly overwhelmed.

The site itself is user-friendly & simple to navigate. The content varies from beginner to difficult/expert. Much of it is about 3-D printing, Arduino microcontrollers, and other electronics projects. In other words, it is intended for a specific audience of makers and not aimed at the general public."