Use comix in some many creative ways

Submitted 9 years ago
Linda W.
Linda W.
Wareham Middle School
Wareham MA, US
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My Take

I usually do not find comic strip type activities very useful in the classroom, but now I have a whole new respect for how to use comics to support student learning. The students all quickly grasped how to create the comics and how to connect the content to the curriculum being studied. Students were told to create a comic incorporating vocabulary connected to the lesson and to have fun being creative. I was initially concerned that students would not take this seriously and would fool around. I was surprised how focused they were and how committed they were to creating educational content and how eager they were to share their products with each other. So while initially skeptical and ready to abandon using this website, I was pleasantly surprised to watch how quickly students became engaged and concerned about producing a quality product. I was very careful to frame the activity and make sure students understood the requirements - content connected to curriculum, incorporate vocabulary and the comic needs to teach something based on the lesson.

How I Use It

I taught a digital citizenship lesson focusing on information privacy. I was looking for a creative way to have the students express what they learned in the lesson, They created a 3 or 4 panel comic using this website. With limited directions, all students were able to be successful with create a useful product independently.
I have also used this as a way for students to summarize content taught in a social studies or science lesson. I was impressed how much content students could incorporate into a 3 or 4 panel comic. It is great to use in math class. Students can create a math problem using the comic format. These can be shared with other students to solve the problem and can be used as a ticket to leave. Lots of fun applications!