Writing practice that is NOT boring!!

Submitted 9 years ago
Rosa B.
Rosa B.
Media Specialist
Cushing Upper Elementary School
Cushing OK, US
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My Take

Students can practice writing and conversational skills, especially the need to be concise and specific, because of the limits of the talk-bubbles. The ones who like to import other artwork are disappointed they have to pick-and-choose, but for most upper elementary, this is a plus. They must choose the artwork that best complements their conversation and this forces them to draw conclusions and infer. My 3rd graders loved it, but my 5th graders wished it had a "save" feature so they could come back and edit later. The downside is you have to complete it in one "sitting."

How I Use It

I use it for conversational writing practice. My 5th grade constructed comics teaching book care to the 1st graders. They presented the comics on the smartboard and read them to the little ones while teaching their own lessons.