Student-Friendly Curation Tool

Submitted 9 years ago
Mary C.
Mary C.
San Elijo Middle School
San Marcos CA, US
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My Take

I use LiveBinders to gather resources for research projects. Teachers like it because it gives students websites that I've evaluated. Of course, students should (and do) find and evaluate their own resources, but the LiveBinder is especially helpful for our SAI or low literacy classes.

How I Use It

I just used a Civil War research LiveBinder with a small group of students who read well below grade level. Giving them a curated list of resources ensured that they were focused on the research, and not spending time fruitlessly searching the Web. I'm leery of using this with general ed classes, since I'd rather see them critically thinking about their sources, but for this class, it was a perfect solution. Also, I'd love to see students create their own LiveBinders for different topics. Curation is a great skill!