Make notes available for students who miss class for extracurriculuars

Submitted 9 years ago
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Live binders is a great tool for making documents available in an organized manner. You can create shelves, binders, and pages within each binder. It is very helpful since I have three preps (USHistory, World History, AP World History) and keeping all my files organized for students use online can be a challenge.

How I Use It

I have a shelf for US Hist, a shelf for World Hist, and a shelf for WHAP. . US Hist, for example, has 5 units. So I create a Unit 1 binder. The Unit 1 Binder has one page for all of Standard 1 notes, another page for Standard 2, and so on. I can create an access key, so students who abuse access to the notes cannot access if I don't want them to (like college students who download the lecture notes but never go to class- my high schoolers are not equipped to succeed like that). I can import using links from my Google Docs, so I don't have to take the time to upload a bunch of files that are already floating around online. This allows my Flipped workers to work ahead, and my orbital workers to refer to notes they need to complete projects.