Discover unlimited combinations in this addicting game

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

I believe this resource is an incredible introductory resource tool. While it may not give too much in depth information to students, it definitely gives them an opening to ask questions about why different materials will combine to form others. I really liked the design of each new variable discovered in the game, and I thought the music and sound design kept me engaged as well. I think that some students may have difficulty solving this, and at times the game does fall into trial and error, throwing random resources together to see what happens, rather than thinking critically about what they should solve. I also think the encyclopedia section which catalogues new discoveries should have more information about each item.

How I Use It

The game can be used to demonstrate chemistry and various scientific cycles and events to students. The combinations of different materials in the game will be found very fun by students, and they will want to keep playing and find all the different interesting creations. there's enough variation in the game that they will be able to keep playing for quite a while, and it can be used to talk about basic building blocks of the universe, as planets combine to form solar systems, and solar systems to galaxies, and so on. It can also be used to discuss the water cycle, the creation of different kinds of rocks, and the life cycle.