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Conducting running records is a very important part of learning about a child's reading journey. However, trying to find a quiet space where the process won't get interrupted, releasing a qualified teacher to conduct the assessment, and holding calibration meetings to get reliable data all take a tremendous amount of time .

The ability to administer a running record that eliminates the loss of instructional time and provides 100% consistency across the whole district is a dream come true. This product is so well built it can even be used during distance learning. Students simply need an internet connected device that can capture audio recordings. Once logged in they are presented with fully developed instructions before embarking on reading a story aloud (with pictures for younger children), completing comprehension questions, and providing a retell either in writing or by voice recording. From there the teacher will get a fully scored running record that pinpoints errors as well as comprehension questions tied to common core standards is fantastic and top have all of it recorded to return to as needed is just the icing on the cake Add to that the recording of the students retell can often prove a great insight into where the student is struggling with comprehension. Literably provides leverageable data that takes just a few minutes for the student to complete and the data collection does not place the heavy burden on the teacher, he or she simply needs to review the fully scored running record and score the retell. Literably is the complete package.

How I Use It

We use this product as a secondary screener to see what we need to do to better support our struggling students. With a single button click we can share this important information able to share that running record or the child's entire history of running records with any educator or parent who needs this information. As a team we are able to make next step decisions on how to provide supports for a child as well as monitor and celebrate growth on numerous data points (fluency, accuracy, comprehension, recall, etc)