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Catching flies to match numbers and quantities is fun yet repetitive

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Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: The learning activity is clear and focused.

Cons: Gameplay feels somewhat superficial, with little help for kids who don't get the concept.

Bottom Line: Fun, simple exploration of number is nice practice with a limited concept.

Kids get lots of practice matching quantity to numeral. This would be a fun activity to assign when covering numbers or counting. There's no way to create multiple accounts, so if kids need to share devices, each student would need to complete the whole set of levels before passing it on to another student. Teachers will want to bridge the digital game to offline activities. You can set up the same kind of exercises in the classroom; for example, have kids match the number of any kind of classroom item (beans, pencils, books, etc.) to preset numerals.

A frog sits on a lily pad marked with a number. Kids feed the frog the correct number of flies to match the number shown by tapping on the hovering flies and watching the frog's long tongue reach out to catch them. Tap on too few flies and nothing happens, too many and the frog spits them back out. Thirty levels break down into three sets of 10 levels each. With each progressing level, the numbers to match get higher (up to 10), and the number of lily pads increases (e.g., in level 1 there might be one lily pad requesting one fly, whereas level 30 might have five lily pads requesting 8, 9, 10, 9, and 10 flies). Every five levels, the game pauses to reveal a puzzle piece of a crown. At the end of each set of 10 levels, the frog approaches a princess frog, who rejects him. When kids finish all levels, the crown puzzle is completed and placed on the frog's head; the princess frog accepts him, and love ensues.

Lipa Frog is a fun concept with a clear and narrowly focused learning goal: match quantity to numeral for numbers 1-10. Rather than load up with lots of content or other distractions and risk overstimulating kids, Lipa Frog takes a simpler approach. The play is fun, and the attempt at simplicity is right on. Yet Lipa Frog is almost too simple. There is nice leveling: In the higher levels, numbers are higher and there are more matches to make, so kids gradually work with more complex tasks. But doing the exact same thing for 30 levels can get tedious, and the coverage of numbers ends up being superficial. It would be nice to see a bit of variety, like exploring the concepts of number and counting in a few different ways. And, once kids finish the levels, there's nothing else to do. Younger kids might have no problem with this repetitive set-up, but older kids may need some more depth.

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What fun it is to see the frog's long tongue reach out and grab flies! With nothing else going on in this game, though, doing so over and over again can get repetitive. Graphics are nice, and kids will enjoy the concept.


All 30 levels are about one simple concept: counting the right number of flies to match the numeral shown on each lily pad. Kids would benefit from more in-depth exploration of number or different ways to represent numbers or counting.


Kids track their progress through the levels on a home screen, though they have little help in counting the correct number of flies. Play is easily accessible for a wide range of students.

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Use counting and numbers to help Lipa Frog eat flies so that he can turn into a prince!

Poor little Lipa Frog is starving and needs to eat flies in order to get his Froggie crown from the bottom of Frog Lake. In the settings area there are good suggestions for parents for how to work with their children on this app. Having interaction with an adult or another child while working on this app could help with engagement, because otherwise the child is just counting small numbers over and over again. There are 6 different levels that are all very similar to one another. At the end of each level, you earn part of a puzzle that eventually becomes the frog's crown. Students can also use the camera app to take pictures of the progress that they make. Students receive feedback if they've fed the frog too many flies when it spits them back up, as well as positive feedback when they get the right answers. (Nice one, Woohoo, Cool, etc) This app is very easy to navigate and it clearly works on counting numbers 1-10, including a voice that says the numbers and counts along with the students. The graphics are very cute and clearly show the counted flies inside the frog's belly. At the end of the game, the students receive a certificate for their accomplishments that can be printed out and signed by their parents. Overall, it's a fun app but goes a little slow which could lose students attention quickly. For a free app, the graphics and repetition for counting are worth it in the end!

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