Individualized literacy lessons will keep students engaged!

Submitted 5 years ago
Jess T.
Jess T.
ELL teacher
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My Take

Overall, Lexia Reading Core 5 is a great program to individualize instruction and guided practice for students. I like how the program will not let students go on until they have mastered a concept. The data that is gathered is vital to my decisions on intervention lessons for each student, and there are resources within the program to help with direct instruction lessons. My one criticism is that I wish there was a section for speaking. All students, not just ELL, can benefit from speaking practice.

How I Use It

I have used Core 5 in my classroom to help struggling students. As an ELL teacher, I teach a variety of grade levels at many different language levels, all at the same time. This program allows me to individualize students' independent work time. As I am teaching small groups, individual students are able to learn, practice, and master specific literacy skills that they are lacking. Students are able to easily log into Core 5 on iPads or desktops/Chromebooks. Students enjoy the different places they travel throughout the program. As ELL students, there is an option to receive instructions in Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Haitian-Creole.