Individualized ELA Practice Aligned to CCS

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Lexia is easy to use. The teacher dashboard is very helpful and provides me with specific targeted information about how well each child is understanding the concept they are working on. When a child demonstrates some frustration, Lexia flags that child's name, and has a link to a lesson I can print out and use 1:1 or in a small group in class to reinforce the content. I like the way that Lexia practice starts out at a standard level of practice, but slows down to a more guided practice level if students are having difficulty, and then slows down even more to explicit teaching if there's a need. My struggling, on level, and advanced students all enjoy the program.

How I Use It

My school uses Lexia to supplement and differentiate our Common Core ELA instruction. Students in grades K-5 are using the website/app. In second grade, students use Lexia 30 minutes/week in class and an additional 20 minutes as part of their weekly homework. Lexia is flexible, so in class we sometimes do 2 15 minute blocks or Lexia or 3 10 minute blocks. Parents and I appreciate that Lexia works on multiple platforms and that children work on skills tailored to their exact abilities rather than "1 size fits all" grammar worksheet. I have some students working on early first grade concepts, while others are practicing 4th grade concepts. Students progress at their own pace and their is plenty of motivation through stars and certificates earned.