Nice way to fill the "gaps" in individual student's learning, especially older students who are far behind

Submitted 7 years ago
Beverly N.
Beverly N.
Media Specialist
K–12 school
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My Take

I think it is great! It makes for ease of differentiating and re-mediating for the older kids in a way that does not hurt their pride and allows my younger students to advance as quickly as they are able. It also make parent conferences easier with all of the informative reports. Plus I can use the printed out skill sheets in one-one tutoring sessions.

How I Use It

It is a part of my reading rotation. It provides the exact skills practice that my kids need while I teach others the on-grade level skills. It allows me to re-mediate without imposing on the advanced students. I love the printable skill sheets that are given to the student who need more practice. I use them in one-one tutoring or as homework. The kids are eager to work on Lexia and are making great strides in their reading ability. After they finish with Lexia, they move on to Reading Plus.