Research-based personalized literacy learning platform aligned to Common Core

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Susan M.
Susan M.
Blended Learning Coach
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Lexia is the one room schoolhouse for the 21st century--everyone gets what they need. It is also designed to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards by providing students opportunity to move beyond their grade level. Lexia provides real-time student data so teachers can plan instruction and help students reach grade-level benchmarks. Lexia also provides scripted, teacher-led instructional materials (for individuals and small groups) that target specific skills for struggling students. Because of how it is organized, the real-time data, and all the extensive materials for all tiers of instruction, Lexia Reading Core5 would be an effective platform in both accelerating reading skills and closing the reading gap for those that struggle. For it to be effective, students need time to interact with the online platform. Teachers also need to monitor student progress ( and plan instruction based on student needs. This is not something to use in place of teaching--it truly takes teaching to the next level!

How I Use It

Lexia is a web-based, research-based, individualized reading curriculum for PK-5 students of all levels and abilities. This is a great platform for a personalized learning approach to education, with students learning at their own pace and on their own level. Within Lexia, students can practice and learn foundational reading skills by working through the online program, participate in teacher-led Lexia lessons to support learning, and continue with independent practice activities if needed. There are 18 levels and the six reading components within the program: phonological awareness; phonemic/phonemic awareness; structural analysis; automaticity/fluency; vocabulary; and comprehension. There is a three-step approach to instruction. Students start at the standard and must successfully complete it to progress to the next level. If a student makes errors, there is a guided practice with supports that focuses on the student's weakness. If the student still struggles, the instruction step explicitly teaches the skill needed. Lexia would be a great tool to use in blended learning environment, specifically rotational centers. This is also a great tool for Tier II and Tier III learners, as they have so many interventions and support materials for struggling learners.

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