An excellent way to meet the Common Core while creating individualized reading lessons and assessments for students in grades K-5.

Submitted 8 years ago
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Lexia Reading CORE5 seems like it would be extremely useful in a K-5 classroom. Teachers will be able to individualize instruction and easily track their students' progress. This program would work well with centers in the classroom. One group of students can be working independently on the computer or iPad at their current level on CORE5, while another group is working on their independent work provided by the program, and the final group can work with the teacher on their skills where CORE5 showed that they needed extra help. This program can take the guess work and timely process it takes to create specific data-driven individualized instruction for each student in their class. This tool can help teachers show data and student growth without spending hours analyzing their own assessments. I am unsure how much this program costs, but if a school doesn't purchase it, it cannot be used by individual teachers. It seems similar to MobyMax where the school will purchase the program and then all of the teachers and students in the school have access to it. This can be pricey, which is a downfall. The other downfall is that the teachers need to actually use it for it to work. My experience with MobyMax is that if the teachers do not have access to computers for their students and if they are not educated properly on its use, they will find lots of reasons to not use it with their students.

How I Use It

Lexia Reading Core 5 is used in the classroom as a way to individualize student learning in reading for students in grades K-5. It covers Phonological Awareness for grades K-1 and Phonics for grades K-2 before moving towards comprehension. In grades 2-5, the program covers Structural Analysis, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Students are able to work on a computer or iPad to move through lessons that teach them at their current level and move them forward to their desired year end goal. The lessons are seemingly engaging for the students with different characters and colorful screens. When students miss a skill, the lessons cater towards scaffolding to help them better understand that skill. It is broken down before they are asked to move on. Teachers will have a prediction of students year-end performance and are given email notices if a particular student needs more help and interventions in a particular area. If it is desired, students are also able to continue their independent computer work at home or in after school programs. Lexia Reading CORE 5 automatically creates ongoing data to drive the teacher's instruction; it will show the areas students are struggling in and automatically form small groups for the teacher based on skills needed. The program will formulate the lessons that the teacher can use in those small groups as well as independent worksheets students can complete on their own.