Students choose it even for free play, fades support, builds independent letter formation.

Submitted 9 years ago
Marybeth M.
Marybeth M.
Weaver Elementary School
West Memphis AR, US
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My Take

This is an app my special needs students choose to use ALL the time. I like how it focuses on the correct formation and fades support allowing students to form the letters independently. I like that is reinforces letter sounds. I do not love the "play buttons" that are pressed to have the animation form the letters. My students tend to press them and watch the animation rather than trace with the animation. if you just touch the "play button" and drag to trace the animation is not activated.

How I Use It

I use this app in small group when practicing the letter of the week. My students have 1:1 iPads which they bring to group and use either their finger or a stylus to form the letter.

Students also use their 1:1 iPad independently for either a free choice time or teacher's choice where we lock them into an app using quided access. They frequently choose letterschool during their free choice and NEVER complain when we lock them into it during Teacher choice.