Good at what it says it does, useful for speech-language therapy too!

Submitted 9 years ago
Dianna B.
Dianna B.
Speech-Language Pathologist
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My Take

This app is good for teaching letter formation, but also nice for letter name awareness, and , to a lesser extent, letter sound awareness. When I first used it, the animations seemed too slow; I thought students would bore quickly. I've discovered though that most kids who are still in the process of learning letters, it's lovely. It is very much for this narrow purpose however -- primarily letter formation, with letter name/sound knowledge introduced as well.

How I Use It

I use this app as a reward for earned time (kids really do enjoy it that much), but mostly I use it when I'm introducing a new articulation/phonology target to students on my caseload. For example, if a student needed to work on elimination of gliding/articulation of /l/, I would start by using LetterSchool to introduce the letter /l/. As they complete the letter formation, I repeatedly model both the letter name and the sound it makes. Depending on the student and student needs, I might also specifically teach the formation of that sound in between the various levels of play.