Data driven skills with FUN AND ENGAGING content in a user friendly digital video game format.

Submitted 2 years ago
Sara H.
Sara H.
Harrington Park School
Harrington Park NJ, US
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My Take

Overall I believe that this application is a very worthy one. This is my second full year using it and I find that my students really enjoy the engaging content that I’m able to narrow down to the topic that I’m teaching. There’s a lot of material so I can simply review with the students via the application. Everything is data driven so I can pull at any time how a student or a class is doing and navigate what I need to teach. This is a great tool to use because it is so easy to understand and apply. The games are fun and the students really enjoy them and look forward to them often upset when I don’t set one up for them. Many of the students have actually gone on and tried to set up a game themselves which obviously they cannot do and then beg me for more because they enjoy the content through the platform. The content is very well aligned with the common core standards and it allows me to go to prior years when I find a gap so I can help each individual student and modify it for their specific learning needs. The staff is also very helpful because if you have a question they will answer you immediately and help you figure out whatever is going on. I’ve had many interactions with them very positive while I was learning to use the platform. They do offer training and assistance end it is a good bang for your buck if you’re in need of a great program to help when you’re differentiating the needs of your students.

How I Use It

I typically use legends of learning prior to my lesson to attain foundation understanding before teaching a concept. Then I take the data from the activity and legends of learning and use that to guide my teaching. When done with the lesson I reassess with the same legends of learning content and see if the students have attained new knowledge. Very very easy to set up quiz questions within the games and then I print those off beginning and after the lesson as reflection for understanding.