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Submitted 5 years ago
Bobby L.
Bobby L.
Academic Technology Coach
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Legends of Learning is great way to support learning and a terrific tool to use in your class. This product helps add gaming to your class room. Most students are motivated to complete each game or level. They also improve their learning while playing.
Legends of Learning has many different game types and some games are using rote memory and others you play as a character.

Legends of Learning contains hundreds of games. The solar system unit has 8 different games to help support learning.
Legends of Learning uses a rigorous content quality testing process that includes teachers, external curriculum experts, and our internal academic team. Each group of games is reviewed to match the content standard, whether it is based on NGSS or specific state standards. Stated from their website.

You can read reviews and ratings from students and teachers about the game that you might be exploring. You can also try each game out before assigning to students.

Website states that they will be adding 3-5 content soon.

Try out some of the games here:

How I Use It

I have used Legends of Learning to introduce a concept and to support a concept. I have also used the game so students could collect notes from the games to add to our interactive notebooks. I love that students can learn by playing a game. This adds a level of gaming to my classroom. One game "Journey to the Sea" you play as an ice cube and you have to change "states" in order to maneuver through maze. This is a great game to help introduce States of Matter.