Fun app to practice Spanish vocabulary

Submitted 8 years ago
Mara  G.
Mara G.
Greenbush-Middle River School District
Greenbush MN, US
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My Take

Mind Snacks Spanish requires a log in to save progress, but beyond that could be used with any age group. As with many language apps, students will not "learn" a language from this, but will be able to practice and reinforce vocabulary groups such as foods, months, or numbers. It is superficial in content, but fun and engaging nonetheless. At times I have noticed the app to be glitchy, crashing and the sound not working. This can vary with updates of course. It also has a handy "switch user" choice to allow someone else to log in, which is useful if iPads are shared in a classroom. Overall it is a fun and engaging app, and worth the time and investment.

How I Use It

I use Mind Snacks-Spanish with my Spanish students to practice vocabulary. Students enjoyed the game-like interface and the ability to practice vocabulary in a fun setting. I use it as one way to increase vocabulary skills. It is not an app that teaches actual conversation and/or phrases in Spanish.