Engaging early literacy program

Submitted 3 years ago
Jennifer W.
Jennifer W.
Holmes Elementary
Spokane WA, US
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My Take

If you're looking for an independent ELA resource for homework/centers/free choice, this should definitely be a top pick! It has worked amazingly well in our class, and have suggested it to many other teachers as well. My take- if your school has the funds, buy the school license. If not, give the free version a try, and gather data and evidence of student growth to persuade your admin! This program has the option to assign letters/phonics/word families/blends/comprehension, and follows the pace of the student. If they need more practice, it will give it to them; if they're ready for new content, it will give it to them. This program moves at the pace of the student, which is what makes it so helpful.

How I Use It

Lalilo has been an amazing resource for our kindergarten class! This program was used during one of their five morning rotations. My students loved looking at the chart, and being so excited that they were going to Lalilo next! We used other programs, but Lalilo was by far the most engaging, and helpful resource for them. For my kiddos that were advanced and needed challenging, this guided them at their level. For my kiddo that had an IEP, and struggled learning the names of her letters, let alone the sounds, this kept her engaged and LOVED practicing on Lalilo! There were some activities in the classroom that she wasn't ready for, but she knew this was one activity that EVERYONE was doing. She could participate too, and at her own level. There were times that I would bribe her with Lalilo, "If you do _____, then you can do Lalilo for 15 minutes!" And guess what, 95% of the time it worked ;) And for my kiddo that was often sick, she could participate and engage at home as well!

We have Lalilo linked through their Clever account. All they need to do is find their card with their picture and QR code, hold it up to the webcam, click on my teacher page, then Lalilo. Once on Lalilo they type in the school code (which I also have on their card with picture and qr code), click on my name, and then on their name.