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Great literacy website for students!

Something that I love about it is that it's a pretty independent activity. There are a lot of computer programs out there for students where they need my help to get started or answer questions, but Lalilo is straight forward and easy for them to understand. I love that it's a fun game that helps them learn!
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Great for distance learning

I really enjoy this program and so do my students. I am still new to the program and haven't found anything that I don't like about it.
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Great for asynchronous learning!

It's a great product for when I want to assign asynchronous work to students while I work synchronously with others.
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Loving Lalilo for primary French language instruction!

It has been an amazing tool during online instruction, and such an important way to meet students where they are.
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Engaging program that is custom fit for each student. It saved me during remote teaching, and now I'm using it in the building.

I haven't really found anything that I would improve upon. I used it for 6 months, and I found that it did exactly what I had hoped. You can allow the program to completely assign the appropriate activity for each student based on his/her work or you can take the data and make your own assignments. It has a lot of flexibility.
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Great phonics program that is adaptive!

I love this program! It offers phonics, writing and vocabulary supports. My parents enjoy it as well and told me it is really helping their child. Students love to use technology and this is a fun resource to use. Paired with incentives the students love it. They also enjoyed receiving the printable awards that Lalilo offered. These awards/certificates were encouraging. Being an adaptive program is beneficial because it targets the needs for each individual student.
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Wonderful for Special Education Students (and Teachers!)

love the fact that it can help me differentiate the needs of my many students on many levels. I work in Special Education and can have a single classroom with seven students on levels varying from Early Literacy knowledge (barely recognizing letters) to students who only need help with upper-level diphthongs or spelling rules. This makes assigning the students what they need so quickly and easy that like the old commercial used to say "Even a caveman could do it." They have to take a simple assessment at the beginning of their journey to check their skills (which isn't even called an assessment to the students so they don't become intimidated at the idea), and then they begin their journey. They are always quick to ask me if they get to keep adventuring, even after we're done!
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After going to virtual learning in March of this year, this was an amazing resource that I started using with my first graders! I have now started using it in my classroom on a daily basis for reinforcing the foundational reading skills!

I love how it can differentiate for EVERY student and meet kids at their individual levels. Kids enjoy the layout and practice the skills they need to scaffold to the next level.
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Interactive and Attention Holding

I think Lalilo is a great supplement tool in the classroom and at home. It allows teachers to see how the students are doing live. The ability to assign lessons to redo is a great way for students to get immediate remediation.
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Excellent program for differentiating reading instruction!

I really like how accurate the placement test was. I like that it shows each standard and the student’s progress toward mastering that standard. I love that I don’t have to modify assignments because Lalilo already matches my students’ individual levels.
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