Awesome phonics and literacy learning tool to support literacy instruction! Wonderful for EL students!

Submitted 3 years ago
Michelle D.
Michelle D.
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago IL, US
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My Take

I believe that this is a great additional resource for newcomer EL groups. I highly recommend the program for small groups or station activities in the homeroom classroom. As far as homework, the teacher can assign certain skills or activities based on the data the program generates on the teacher dashboard. I love the program and the students enjoy using it and feel proud when the earn badges through each level.

How I Use It

I use this program with EL students that are in my two newcomer groups this year. This is an excellent resource that enables students to gain/improve skills in phonics, sight words, blends, and other literacy skills. There is a scope and sequence with the program as well. I really like the data and parent reports that are generated with the program.