I teacher Self-Contained Special Education. Lalilo's built-in tools allow students to log in by themselves, continue with ongoing progress learning and has made it incredibly fun for students to want to learn. Lalilo is an excellent learning program.

Submitted 3 years ago
Laura S.
Laura S.
Stanfield Elementary School
Stanfield AZ, US
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I use Lalilo on a weekly basis. I've sent my class logon code home to parents and they've had their children log on as well as throughout the summer.
I think it is an excellent tool that all teachers should be aware of. I've had several of my colleagues sign up in the past two years.

How I Use It

First: Question 1 & 2 have both a positive and a negative aspect - I do not know how to answer them with a number. ( Students do want to repeat the experience and, the product does build a deep understanding.

I've used this program for phonemic awareness and understanding, small group activity for specific skills building, and whole group. Students often ask to log on during their "YOU CHOOSE" for their learning activity as well as free time.

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