Kodable is accessible, engaging, and appropriately challenging for my K-5 students in the library!

Submitted 4 years ago
Mrs. J.
Mrs. J.
Teacher - Librarian
K–12 school
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My Take

I loved this product, especially because it reaches non readers up through fifth graders who are new to coding. Students were motivated to engage and solve. Sometimes, because this was the first experience with coding for many, they would back away from the challenge because there were not written instructions of exactly what to do. The maze tutorial gave everyone confidence and direction. Some of the other creative and game playing opportunities confused students. Those who persisted were able to use logic and be successful, though.

How I Use It

I've just begun to use the Kodable app with iPads for K-5 students during library class. I started with Hour of Code and partner work. Now I'm creating accounts for individual students.
I am concerned for my lowest Kinders that they may still need a partner. Some were not able to be independent with mazes when it was their turn. What worked was the engaging critical thinking challenge of coding through the mazes! My students were thinking and persisting.