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The app has a lots of bugs and my kid get's frusted. We can not click on the arrows in order to move them. We pay for nothing. Please do not believe the good reviews. Look at the risk of the app is over 49% !
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My Kids Love It!

Setting up the classrooms was a little confusing but once it was done everything else fell into place. The students did ask for a clearer explanation on how to use the coding system and hints if they appear stuck.
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Students loved it and were very excited to keep going

Loved it all. Sometimes I was not sure how to help the students with the { } symbol. Still not sure how to use this. Had a hard time figuring some things out.
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Would not let my students log in with class code. Very disappointing because I know they would have loved it.

I hope this gets fixed because I still want my students to try it. I have not tried it with laptops, but with the iPads. My 1st and 2nd graders have iPads and that is what I want to use with this program in the future if the glitches are fixed.
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Glitches when I try to upload google classrooms. Could not use this at all. Disappointed, I remember this working very smoothly in the past.

In the past this worked well but I was completely unable to set up classrooms with google. I don't have time to type in every student name in the school. I guess we will use something else this year.
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Exactly what I was looking for!

I appreciate the ease of the teacher portal where you can easily assign lessons, add students, and move students to another class. I also like the quick and easy view of students' progress. On one screen I can see who is advanced and who needs some one on one time with me. I wish I had known about Kodable years ago for my youngest learners.
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Kids love it! Easy to teach Coding concepts!

I love that the kids can make their own mazes. I love that it walks them through conditional practice as well as function practice. I wish more was free and that Kodable used advertising to make the money they needed. It is expensive for educators if you want the full version. How do ABC Mouse, Khan Academy, and make their resources free but still make money? Perhaps use their experience to make Kodable accecsible to all kids.
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Interactive, relevant and so much fun! A must-have app for kindergarten STEM students.

This was one of my top three favorite apps that I used teaching Digital Kindergarten at a STEM school. It was very interactive, engaging, kid-friendly and fun for my students. It is great for all students: I had a range of high, medium, and struggling students in my class. I also had 3 EL students and 2 students who received special education services. It was very popular with all of them. It was easy for kids to navigate and explore individually. Scheduling assignments that all students hadn't done or seen on their own already was the only tricky part that I didn't quite figure out how to do. I would also have liked to use more lessons that tied into other academic areas.
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Inflexible and simplistic but attention-grabbing

Most of the content is like a tutorial, where your hand is held the whole way and you can only do the few things they thought you might want to do. While this ease of use means that probably students won't need much assistance from a teacher, they also aren't doing much more than just following directions. This would be like playing with LEGOs only while following the instructions and never building anything else. Coding, on the other hand, involves creating your own directions and combining a flexible set of instructions in new ways to do interesting things. While it will probably keep students entertained, and does do a good job of showing the connection between code text and pretty pictures, the students won't actually be coding; merely following directions.
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Great Coding Site and App!

I really like Kodable. Very young children can use Kodable with little help or instruction.
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