Amazing Collaboration!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion bout this project as a teaching tool is that it is very useful for my 21st century learners in pretty much any grade level at the elementary school setting. I really enjoyed watching students become excited and engaged. You get to see your students critically think, problem solve, and be able to think ahead. You also get to see your students collaborate with one another and talk through their steps and explaining to their peers without actually doing it for them. or giving them the answer.

How I Use It

When I was a 1st grade teacher, I used this as a center or as an incentive for students! They loved it. As a technology tosa I have been implementing this in several grades across our district. However, when I was a 1st grade teacher, I inputted my students individually, which took a few minutes (this process might be longer for other teachers--our district also did not allow Google Classroom). As a technology tosa, I realized there was a Google Classroom importing of roster and it took seconds!