2nd Graders Made Leaps & Bounds

Submitted 5 years ago
Allison  G.
Allison G.
Kester Avenue Elementary
Sherman Oaks CA, US
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My Take

I used the s program as the coding introduction on the first day of Hour of Code because of all the choices available, it seemed the most user-friendly. Some students finished all lessons the first day. Some finished in two days. I had them move on to other Hour of Code sites. No other site kept track of student progress as Kodable did. Each lesson/step built on the previous and scaffolded my many English learners and my girls. I wanted to have my students continue the lessons, but the cost of $600 was prohibitive. . My students and I were very disappointed.

How I Use It

I presented/modeled for my students and they took off on their own. I allowed seat partners to share. The number of students who needed assistance was very low. Students were 100% on task. They want more now that the Hour of Code time is over. I'm working with the parent organization to see if we could purchase the rest of the access.