Kodable has been the perfect way to introduce coding to our K-2 kids in the STEM Lab!

Submitted 5 years ago
Kim C.
Kim C.
Sandhills Farm Life
Carthage NC, US
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My Take

I liked how it started off simple enough for my kinders, but pretty quickly increased in difficulty so the advanced students didn't get bored. We had to mute our computers because the background music was monotonous and annoyed some kids. Some kids got confused when they were given the opportunity to click on the Mission area, could there be a few verbal prompts or a virtual tour guide to show them what to do at that point? I wish our school could afford the paid version.

How I Use It

I used the beginning free lessons to introduce coding and writing algorithms to the K-2 kids who come to me in the STEM Lab. It was a great exercise in thinking logically in small steps. They liked the quick treasures and "leveling up" they were able to do.