King of Math: Full Game

Kids rule with fast-paced, worksheet-based, virtual-world practice tool

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Critical Thinking, Math

Price: Paid
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Timed activities and a fun theme motivate kids to boost math fluency.

Cons: No feedback is provided for incorrect answers, nor are there hints for struggling sudents.

Bottom Line: Students get solid math practice and build fact fluency with this worksheet-based virtual-society game.

A fun way to use King of Math would be to create a similar theme in the classroom while getting ready to use the worksheets as post-lesson practice tools. Hold a brief class discussion about the characters in the game, such as the farmer, jester, and king. Get kids excited about earning stars and the top character role. Leaderboards can be tracked through Game Center, or you can keep your own class leaderboard. The game accommodates multiple players, so kids can finish chapters independently while sharing devices, if necessary. 

In this math practice tool set in a virtual society, worksheets are organized by content. Each set of worksheets is called a book, and each book has nine chapters. Kids have to earn a minimum score to unlock a chapter and progress to the next chapter. As kids earn more and more points for correct answers, they earn stars and level up their characters from farmers to more powerful members of the society. Math content included in this fun and motivating theme game ranges from basic addition and subtraction to powers, statistics, and equations.

Users should note that there's an ad at the top of the screen, and players can easily access social media and the app store while playing the game. A free version of the app is available, but it only contains three sets of worksheets, compared to 12 sets in the full (paid) version. 

Although the standard "tap the correct answer" strategy is used throughout the game, there's quite a bit of variety in the question types, which is an effective way to challenge kids. Scoring and timing activities work well for building fluency. Overall, the game scores high on content and motivation. The only feedback students get for incorrect answers, however, is a big red X, which isn't helpful for struggling kids who could quickly get lost and feel overwhelmed.

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Kids will have fun leveling up characters from farmers to possibly a king. Earning stars and points as the clock counts down is highly motivating. 


Each set of worksheets, called a book, has nine chapters that increase in difficulty. Books cover a wide range of core math skills. 


Kids are not offered formal instructions or help, but interactions are highly intuitive. 

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This is a good tool for students to use practice their Math skills and the levels are challeneging enough to keep them interested.

I liked using this app It was challenging for some students but also gives the chance for students to excel as much as they want at their pace. I even had lots of questions on how to do things above our grade level.

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