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OK intro to letters would get a boost from more adaptability

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Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

Price: Paid
Platforms: Android, Kindle Fire

Pros: It's bright and colorful with cheery voice narration.

Cons: There's no way to increase the challenge without buying the next app in the series.

Bottom Line: Kids ABC Letters can be a good introduction to learning the alphabet, but it's not adaptable enough to hold kids' attention.

Kids ABC Letters may be a good first-time app for students new to mobile apps, as well as good practice for students who need more early pre-reading skills practice. The extra practice here focused on very basic alphabet learning and letter identification may be useful to some students, such as ELL or low-literacy students, who may find this app provides low-stress practice. While teachers could use this app as a visual support during a classroom lesson on the alphabet or letter recognition, it's better suited for solo play. The child-lock feature is a nice addition, so teachers can rest assured that students who are using this app solo won't inadvertently move out of playing this app and on to others. Kids ABC Letters is also a good app to recommend to parents who would like to buy a simple, solo-play alphabet app for their kids to play on the parent's phone on the go.

Kids ABC Letters is the first app in a series of preschool learn-to-read apps by the developer Intellijoy, this one focusing on letter names, letter shapes, and basic letter recognition. Phonics and more advanced reading skills come later in the app series. Kids ABC Letters includes puzzles; a simple "go fish" letter recognition game; a section where a pleasant voice says a letter name as kids watch and listen (with no interactivity other than to move from one letter screen to the next); and a game where kids find a letter in a word. Kids simply tap or drag and drop to interact with the activities here, so it's easy for them to play Kids ABC Letters on their own. Also, if kids are familiar with Kids Preschool Puzzle, this app looks and acts the same in many ways, so it could be an easy transition from that puzzle app to this letter-focused one.

Still, the simple letter puzzles on Kids ABC Letters -- in which segments of letters are scrambled for kids to drag and snap in place to form the letter -- are almost too easy even for preschoolers. And this app is not adaptable enough to hold kids' attention for long, or to make kids want to come back to the app for multiple play sessions. Kids ABC Letters is, generally, a good letter recognition practice app with limited challenge or traction.

For very young preschoolers who are ready to move past the ABC song, the colorful Kids ABC Letters is a solid first-time introduction into the world of learning the individual letters of the alphabet. It is important to note that the app doesn't include letter sounds or any sort of phonics practice. This beginner's app in the preschool reading app series by Intellijoy keeps it extremely simple for kids before they move on to phonics and beginning reading. The "Identifying Letters in Context"  activity, in which kids are shown a word and asked to tap a certain letter within the word, is probably the most difficult activity on this app. It challenges kids to apply the information they've just learned or practiced in the letter activities and see the whole-part relationships between words and specific letters within those words. If kids tap the wrong letter, it turns red; tapping the correct letter turns it green and they're praised.

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A solid first-time introduction to the alphabet for preschoolers, but ultimately not adaptable enough to hold most kids' attention for long.


Simple letter-scramble puzzles are almost too easy even for preschoolers. The app doesn't teach the phonetic sounds of letters. A good introduction to the alphabet, but not much more.


Clear verbal directions. The child-lock feature is a nice addition, so kids won't inadvertently move out of the app. 

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Another Basic Letters App

This is yet another basic letters app for preschoolers that is better suited for the home environment than the school environment. It gives students very basic practice on recognizing, forming, and naming letters, but it doesn't include the soudns or phonics. You have to purchase another app from this company's series in order to do that. With this app being 3.99 in the app store, you would think you'd get more bang for your buck, but sadly you don't. Having to purchase a separate app to challenge students further seems more like a profits-based goal than anything.

As a learning tool, it's okay for students who may need some more individual practice with their letters, especially struggling pre-readers or ELL students. It's not super flashy, and there's no change in how things are done, so students will get bored with it after a time. It's a good introduction to the basics, and it's a good app to use to teach students basic tablet skills, such as the drag and drop. Other than that though, it's better left for home, and not school.

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