A fun interactive competition for students!

Submitted 9 months ago
Maya O.
Maya O.
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My Take

There isn't much that I don't like about Kahoot. It is such a great digital tool for students to study, learn, and become experts in certain topics due to how fun it is, while also being a way in which they are still doing work. Instead of a critique, I do have a suggestion for the app however! I wish Kahoot would have an option where students can team up and answer questions in that manner. This would allow students not only to want to learn and study more, but also incorporate a means of them communicating with their classmates.

How I Use It

Kahoot is such a great resource, I have used it numerous times! Before exams, students are able to answer practice questions with a timer and in a fun way as they are trying to get as many correct as possible in order to beat their classmates. When using Kahoot, it makes students much more inclined to study beforehand because they become super competitive and want to make sure they end up on the top three podium!