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Fun game to introduce a competitive spirit in classroom and reward for knowing material.

This game is super engaging and valuable to encourage students to want to learn the material and can be used in conjunction with a candy prize for first and second place.
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Easy, fun, interactive assessment tool!

Great App.
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Great way to keep students engaged and participating!

Overall, I think Kahoot works really well in the classroom and engages students in a way that perhaps a normal quiz or review task would not. With a competitive nature, this allows students to practice the material all while participating in a game with their peers. Seeing students getting excited about the material and getting questions right is one of my favorite things to see, but as I previously mentioned, it is a little tougher to implement within a math classroom. In addition, in an SAMR model, I would place Kahoot in the augmentation category, as it directly replaces a quiz or review packet, but it also introduces an element of competition, as it is a game and students will want to win. With this being said, perhaps there is another similar platform that is higher up on this model. Also considering the TPACK framework, I do think that it may be challenging to address Kahoot with pedagogical knowledge, as it may not be best for all students and perhaps some would do better with a review packet that they work through at their own pace without a time restriction and the added stress of competing against their classmates. Some students may love that, some very well may not.
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Great review game, will spark competition and test kids knowledge!

I think that Kahoot is very fun, interactive and engaging for the students, and I as the teacher love watching them get really into it! I love that I can make my own or I can find some that were created by others! I also love just using these as brain-breaks for the students and choosing a random one!My only downfall to this is that I don't always think it is a good indicator of students knowledge. Sometimes they get so caught up in trying to beat their friends they press the wrong answer or they are not fully thinking about the question being asked!
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Fun way to engage students!

I think it is a great teaching tool because it is a fun and engaging way to get your students to review concepts. I like that there's a huge bank of Kahoots already created, but make sure to do a run-through individually before assigning it to the class because sometimes there are errors in Kahoots created by others. The only thing that I don't like is that students have figured out a way to hack it where they can see the correct answer for each problem in order to win so just keep an eye out for that.
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Love it... Unlike Learnzillion

It is an amazing teaching tool. If you use Learnzillion i would totally reccomend it to cure all of the horrible stuff that learnzillion causes.
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I love it

I love it it is a great way for students to compete friendly
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It's user-friendly. Have so many fun features too.

It was so much fun whenever my professors used Kahoot in class and it helped me in learning stuff a lot. Best for preparation of quizzes. It's a very fun and easy way to prepare of exams too.
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Good fun activity but learning is actually low

I find that even though it is great fun it doesn´t actually help learning and goes nowhere to develop learner independence. To me, it is more of a gimmick and one of those activities that Tom Bennet in Running The Classroom describes as games that are remembered more for the sake of the game than for the learning acquired through it. That certainly was my own personal experience when I first tried it in the teacher´s workshop. It was incredibly fun, engaging and... sadly, cognitively empty. In my experience, there are plenty other activities that can engage the students, not actually less caring about making their lives richer rather than my lessons more quick fun based.
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Super fun exercise that can be used in any classroom setting to make learning a game to win! Students get to have fun as they compete for 1st place in the understanding of their material.

I enjoy using this tool to test the concepts that teachers recently covered in a class. While the competitive spirit of the game reels students into the game to achieve first place, some negatives can come along with student involvement. There have been plenty of instances where kids pick inappropriate usernames to make the game comical instead of taking it seriously.
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