Great way to keep students engaged and participating!

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Overall, I think Kahoot works really well in the classroom and engages students in a way that perhaps a normal quiz or review task would not. With a competitive nature, this allows students to practice the material all while participating in a game with their peers. Seeing students getting excited about the material and getting questions right is one of my favorite things to see, but as I previously mentioned, it is a little tougher to implement within a math classroom. In addition, in an SAMR model, I would place Kahoot in the augmentation category, as it directly replaces a quiz or review packet, but it also introduces an element of competition, as it is a game and students will want to win. With this being said, perhaps there is another similar platform that is higher up on this model. Also considering the TPACK framework, I do think that it may be challenging to address Kahoot with pedagogical knowledge, as it may not be best for all students and perhaps some would do better with a review packet that they work through at their own pace without a time restriction and the added stress of competing against their classmates. Some students may love that, some very well may not.

How I Use It

During my senior year of undergrad, I was a TA within the mathematics department and I was imbedded within several precalculus classes. I held office hours and review sessions when it came time for the students to take a test, and several times, I used a Kahoot for these review sessions. It was great and it kept the students engaged and allowed them to review their material in a fun way, but in some senses it was tough to use in a math context. The time limits can be restricting and it is not always super easy to create them with math answers, but once I figured that out, it went really well and my students seemed to enjoy it!