Great for both pre- and post-assessment!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

The kids absolutely love it and remain engaged the entire time. We've used it in both team and individual modes, and the kids love the competition aspect of both. I like the immediate feedback on questions to help me figure out what we need to spend a bit more time on.

How I Use It

We have used Kahoots as a pre-assessment before starting an activity, as well as a post-assessment at the end of a unit. If I'm using it as a pre-assessment, it's easy to see what topics we can spend less time on during the upcoming unit, and what topics we need to focus on a bit more. If I'm using it at the end of a unit, it helps me know when we need to stop and review before moving on.
Kahoots are also a great way to reinforce test-taking skills, like reading all answer choices BEFORE selecting an answer.