Good resource for gamifying formative assessment

Submitted 3 years ago
Robert H.
Robert H.
School For Inquiry And Social Justice
Bronx NY, US
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My Take

Kahoot is great tool to use excite students about review or other formative assessments. The competitive nature of the game is very engaging for most students and students get very into the competition. I sometimes have trouble having students discuss answers in more detail because they want to move on to the next question. Because it is a timed activity and pushes speed and accuracy, sometimes slower processing students can get left behind. I haven't tried the homework mode because my students don't have devices that support it, but others have told me that this mode can help with that issue.

How I Use It

I've use Kahoot for content reviews and vocabulary reviews in my 6th grade math classes. The majority of the students are highly engaged with the competitive aspect of the game and usually becomes a pretty excited and raucous group. I really like the ability to download the entire class data after a Kahoot session and review individual student performance. The main issue I have with Kahoot is that slower processing students sometimes can't keep up with the pace and get lost and turned off. There is a Homework mode, but that only works on iOS or Android and I use Chromebooks.