An Exciting Way to Review

Submitted 3 years ago
Melissa R.
Melissa R.
Jordan Hills Elementary School
West Jordan UT, US
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My Take

I really love how excited the students get to review. Most of the time, students are bored to review material on paper. This is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled way to engage students in review and learning. Using this app more often would allow my students to each answer the same question instead of calling on only one student. It can also help with self-assessment because the students will know how they are doing. Following the review, it would be helpful to have the students rate their success. I also like the reporting tools that I can gather data from. This is a great app!

How I Use It

Most of the time I have used this app it is to review for a math test. I experienced using it as a student when taking a course through the University of Utah at Red Butte Garden. She had set up a quiz about plant parts and functions. It is very engaging and even as adults we were excited to answer the next question. I like that it has the ability to factor in time to solve the problems before the answers flash on the screen. I like that this can be done individually or in small groups. I did have a hard time with groups that would get "kicked off" or it wouldn't allow a team to answer. That could be internet issues or user error as well.