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My overall opinion about the project it is a simple way to involve fun into a lesson to see where your students stand. To make everything more interesting. It is also convenient that you as the teacher can review which question was missed by what student. But it is hard to set the full idea of where a student may be if it is easy to see other computers next to or in front of them. It is a lot easier for student to trust the person next to them if they do know fully know the right answer.

How I Use It

This product is a great way to refresh information and bring out the inner- competitiveness of students. To be on the leaderboard is the goal for everyone. It is hard for students to think about the questions before having to answer. It is also tricky for the teachers to set it up when it comes to going back and editing questions. It is more of an assessment type of program to see where each student is at in the lesson that was being taught/ information covered in kahoot.