Easy way to check-in with the students on if they are getting the content. Whether the competition happens on their phones, Chromebooks or desktop computers, the kids are hooked in immediately. Very enjoyable experience.

Submitted 4 years ago
Jefferson S.
Jefferson S.
Bernard Middle School
Saint Louis MO, US
My Rating

My Take

I like Kahoot because it engages the students in a competitive way that is still fun. It lightens up the classroom because everyone is excited for the next question, so class distractions drop. Using it too much can take the excitement away, so I like to use it once in a unit.

How I Use It

After a few days of focusing certain standards, I used Kahoot as a way to gather data to show where gaps of learning existed. It gave me immediate feedback on areas where I needed to focus, which is great. It was a helpful tech tool that didn't require extensive research on how to use it effectively.