Kahoot! Create, Compete, Contemplate, Congratulate! A tool for students to engage in healthy competition as they review or evaluate their content knowledge.

Submitted 4 years ago
Tara J.
Tara J.
Fullerton Elementary
Nottingham MD, US
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My Take

I like Kahoot. My students like Kahoot. I like how engaged my students are, and how enthusiastic they are about using this tool. This tool is easy to use and does not take long to learn. The studio feature is a great resource when time is limited. The only thing I don’t like about this online resource is that it is not very versatile. There are many topics that can be evaluated effectively, but it does have its pedagogical limitations. It can feel like a superficial content quiz. It does not build a deeper understanding of concepts or allow students to extend their learning or make meaningful connections. It would be beneficial if there was a way for students to receive feedback when questions are answered incorrectly. It would also be meaningful if there were scenarios attached to questions that students could discuss and make connections to other content or skills.

How I Use It

Kahoot is a fun, interactive tool students and teachers can use to evaluate content knowledge, apply understanding, and extend to make new connections. I use Kahoot! as an assessment tool. I appreciate its engaging appearance and attention-grabbing sound effects. This tools attractiveness draws learners and its ease of use allows educators the opportunity to gather data on what students know and need to know. My fourth-grade music students have been learning to play the ukulele. Today was the final day of our unit. Our culminating activity included a Kahoot quiz. Students answered questions about the parts of the ukulele, the appropriate hold to use and identified how to perform the chords C and G. The students were enthusiastic about this assessment and scored well on the questions. I was pleased that the students were able to correctly apply their knowledge and understanding in such an accurate way. Kahoot’s easy to use design tools allow me to create simple quick quizzes as well as more complex assessments that promote deeper understanding. I have also used Kahoot’s studio feature that offers readymade quizzes covering many topics and subject. These are handy when time does not allow me to create my own assessment.

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