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Submitted 4 years ago
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Overall, I love Kahoot as a review tool because it keeps my students engaged and allows me to get valuable data. I recommend it to colleagues frequently.

How I Use It

I generally use this product to review content material after teaching, but prior to the assessment. However, it can also be used as a pre-assessment to gauge how much students already know about an upcoming unit/topic.

I generally start a Kahoot with 5-10 questions depending on how much prep time I have. I like that I can save and add to it later. So as my units develop over the years, it is easy to add/edit my previous Kahoots. My students look forward to using Kahoot to review for exams, and I like being able to export the data. Kahoot will give you a breakdown of which students got which questions wrong, and allow you to see overall trends. I like that because it allows me to reteach any necessary standards before the real deal. Finally, my students love Kahoot so much that they often choose it as a class reward when they have built up enough points. They will search for pop culture Kahoots, or holiday topics and they really enjoy trying those topics too. I always learn a lot from those random quizzes!

Easy to use
Highly engaging
requires students to pay close attention
Can easily search for Kahoots that already exist about a given topic
Can easily search for Kahoots by another person
Kahoots save to your account
You can add photos or videos to questions
Data can be exported

Sometimes students get so wrapped up in points, that they don't fully pay attention to the questions/answer choices.
Can be time consuming to retype questions and individual answer choices individually

PRO TIP: If you plan to export the data, make sure that all of your students ut their real names, and not nicknames like the site asks for.