A Review Your Students Will Give A KAHOOT About

Submitted 5 years ago
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Kahoot! is highly motivating to the students in my class who enjoy competition. As a teacher, I enjoy using this app to review content with my students without using traditional paper and pencil. I use the data collected to gauge how well my students are understanding the content and to adjust my lesson plans as needed. The app has also been useful for pre-assessing my students before beginning a unit. I often use the same quiz at the start of a unit and at the end of a unit so that I can compare the data results. The students seem to love the app and hardly notice they are being “tested” which is highly motivating to me and my students.
The app only requires students to remember and understand content and does not ask for application or creation. However, it has implications for this if the students were asked to create quizzes for their classmates which would allow them to apply what they have learned. The caveat to this idea is that creators have to have their own password protected account which can be difficult to set up for a large class and may be blocked by your school systems user policies.
Overall, this is a fun and easy to use data collection tool. It is highly motivating to students and is easy to modify to meet both teacher and student needs. While there is no critical thinking required, it delivers what it promises and is a great instructional tool!

How I Use It

Kahoot! is an app designed to engage students in reviewing previously taught content or to allow them to explore unknown content. Teachers can build their own quizzes or can browse from the extensive repository covering grades 4-12 and every subject area! It is interactive, provides feedback for students and teachers and best of all…it is FREE!
Kahoot! is easy to use and navigate. Teachers log on to www.kahoot.com to create a quiz or to use one that has already been created. Each quiz is fully customizable. Teachers can select the number of answer choices students will see, the length of time each question will be displayed, whether or not students will have hints and the number of questions to be completed. Once a quiz is created or modified a unique pin number is generated and your class is ready to play. Students access the quiz through the app by entering the pin number. Each student (or even pair of students) enters their name and the teacher can begin. Questions are displayed using a projector or on the teacher’s computer. After all players have selected an answer a graph is displayed that shows which answers were selected as well as the correct response. Individuals receive immediate feedback to know if the answer selected was the correct one; this is private ensuring no player is discouraged! The players are also given a ranking within the group after each question making for a healthy level of motivating competition. A winner or winners are announced at the conclusion of the quiz. While the students are playing data is being collected in an Excel spreadsheet that the quiz moderator can access at any time. The data is collected in real time and is easily manipulated within Excel.