Completely interactive for students unwilling to participate in class

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Overall I strongly recommend this app for teachers hoping to get their students to interact more in the classroom. The graphics are colorful and the set up time is not long at all. The only thing is an electronic device is needed, so teachers must be open to the idea of children having their phones on them, and if a few children don't have one they can team up with other kids that do. It's a much more updated version of jeopardy, and the questions can be on any subject matter the teacher chooses to go over with the children. It's an interactive game that teaches without the pressure of needing to be right and allows children to work together to get the right answer.

How I Use It

There's a lot of students who fear participating in class because they might not know the answer or fear being wrong and avoid speaking up, but this app allows students to race one another and answer questions without needing to raise their hand. It allows me as a teacher to see what subjects the students are strong and weak in and allow me to spend a little more time going over information they didn't quite understand.