This resource is incredibly engaging! The students love participating and you can in real time assess students knowledge of topics. Their answers can be downloaded for later review. Quiz or surveys are options as well as team or individual game play.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This tool is incredibly engaging. It pushes students to read closely as well so that they don't try to be the fastest and choose the wrong answer. I love the music and the interface is simple and the fact that students can play on any type of mobile device. If this resource could somehow provide individual guidance after a game to enhance learning, that would be great. Also, if it could show the average score for the whole group as to what students were strong or weaker in.

How I Use It

I used this product many different ways. Students have created their own multiplication quizzes and ran a game for their classmates. I use the game to preview the next chapter of science or health with students. Small group review of concepts such as multiplication or vocabulary are always fun. Additionally, practice of context clues has been beneficial as well. Using the team option was difficult because students were arguing over who should get the computer next.