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My Take

As a teaching tool, I think Kahoot is a good tool to use for review. My students like the music it plays in the background, being able to use their devices in class and the competition it creates with the scoreboard. The students will dance or bob their heads to the music that is playing in the background. They also love to see where they stand and their score compared to other classmates. The competition part of it makes the students more engaged. I always offer some kind of prize for the top three. Although it is a good review, it is not good for introduction or unguided practice. Kahoot doesn't show how to solve problems and is not necessarily "math friendly" all the time. This is why I have the students write the problem on a separate sheet of paper and review all of the answers with the class after the time is up. When the game is over, I collect their work to hold them accountable. I also think that there should be more time options. Sometimes two minutes isn't enough time to complete a complex math problem.

How I Use It

I use Kahoot as a review of content in my classroom. Since each of my students have their own personal computers, it makes playing easy. Each student is able to put their name in the game and play off of their own device. The question and 4 possible answers are displayed on the front board and the four colors are displayed on the individual screens. The students have anywhere from 10 seconds to 160 seconds to answer the question and choose the color on their screen. After the answers are shown, I review the problem on the board for those students who weren't able to get the correct answer.