Kahoot is Great but Experiencing Some Challenges

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Kahoot is extremely intuitive for a new trainer to deploy in the classroom. The learning curve is virtually nonexistent in designing and developing quizzes, surveys and discussions. Having basic knowledge of andragogic skill, mastery of subject matter and understanding the competitive culture of the diplomatic Foreign Service corps, Kahoot fits in very nicely in this training environment. Kahoot also supports both Level 1 and Level 2 evaluations in Kirkpatrick’s New World Model.

Lately, however, we have been experiencing technical difficulties when using Kahoot in both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The game isn’t capturing student’s answers correctly or scoring is suspect. Often, the game times out because on the student’s mobile device goes into a perpetual “wait” status. Trainers are losing faith and confidence in Kahoot as they have experienced malfunctions while using it in front of a class. We’ve contacted Kahoot several informing them of this situation but we have yet to receive a response. Until reliability is reestablished for Kahoot, we have no other alternative but to remove it from our PD520 Enhancing Learning with Training Technology course.

If not for the malfunctions (it worked perfectly once), I would max out this tool.

How I Use It

I have been one of the pioneers in introducing Kahoot to the training cadre of my organization, the Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State. I am the course manager and lead trainer for one of our mandatory professional development courses for newly assigned trainers and that course is PD520 Enhancing Learning with Training Technology. We use Kahoot to demonstrate how tools and apps can be used to engage the adult learner as well as assess the mastery of the content that is being delivered. As these new trainers are not professional trainers but more so subject matter experts that have recently been assigned to the Foreign Service Institute, being introduced to training tools like Kahoot is critical for their success in the classroom. Through experiential learning the new trainers experience the value added by using tools such as Kahoot and by the end of the course, the participants have designed and developed quizzes, discussions and surveys using Kahoot.