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Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Overall, Kahoot is wonderful to use in the classroom. Students are engaged and excited to practice their skills. They are learning and reviewing content, but in an exciting and interactive way. No matter the age level, Kahoot has been successful in my classes from grades 6-12. Many of my students started creating their own Kahoot games and play with friends in their free time. I’ve become a better teacher because of Kahoot. Instant feedback helps me tailor my lessons and know what I need to review before an upcoming test or assignment. Also, it helps me pick students who are consistently struggling and pull them in for small group review. It creates healthy competition, and depending on which game mode is played, it even helps create friendships and collaboration. When playing in group mode, I select students who rarely speak to each other. This forces them to get to know other students in the classroom, and build upon their communication skills. An upgrade I wish Kahoot offered is forcing students to type in their real name. Sometimes my students like to make up funny nicknames which distracts them from the actual learning process of the game. Also, I wish I could have it connect to my class roster so scores could be saved and uploaded to gradebook. Even if it is uploaded as practice, parents could see how well their child is doing, and I could see how each student performed on the review. This would give me more of an opportunity to bring in students for a reteaching session. I also wish Kahoot games could be assigned to specific students. I would assign a different version of the review to my ESOL students versus my more advanced students. Finally, I wish I could adjust the timer. Currently my 8th graders are in their physics unit which requires a lot of math calculations. Kahoot would be great to help them review, but the 30 second timer isn’t long enough for them to calculate their answers and vote on their chromebooks. Overall, Kahoot is a great review game, but it is tailored more towards on level or advanced students who can read accurately and process information quickly.

How I Use It

Kahoot is a great tool to use in the classroom as a review game, exit card, and engagement about any topic. I use Kahoot in my classroom as review before a test. Every student has been excited when I announce we are going to play Kahoot. Since Kahoot games are easy to create, recently I’ve had students start to create the games we play in class. Once a week, I have a group of six students come in during lunch to create a Kahoot review game the class can play that week. Usually, I select students who have been struggling with the content. This way, they get more opportunities to practice the content and ask me questions. While creating the review games, these students are retaining the information because they want to build an exceptional game for the class, and they must pull content questions from their notes. Not only is Kahoot is a great tool because it engages all students, but also because of its real-time data. I can immediately see where students are having misconceptions, or frequently answering questions incorrectly. It provides teachers with immediate feedback, and can help tailor review questions before a test or quiz. Kahoot works well for students that can read accurately and forces students to work quickly because of the timer aspect of the game. Questions and answers can include text or images. This helps with more visual learners as well as ESOL students who may struggle with the language. Kahoot is a way to intergrade technology in the classroom, and support whole class participation. My students really enjoy playing Kahoot, and love to use it as review before a test or quiz.