Kahoot! A Classroom Favorite for the ‘Everything on Demand’ Generation

Submitted 5 years ago
Allison G.
Allison G.
Millard North High School
Omaha NE, US
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My Take

I think that Kahoot is a great formative assessment tool! I also enjoy using it for quick DECA test prep for competitions. I will say that Kahoot is only truly engaging for about 10 questions. After that students tend to get bored. Students login to the game with a game pin and then get to type their own names. I do have rules about what they can type, however on more than one occasion we’ve had to shut down Kahoot for name shenanigans. The students, and I really like the snapshot between each question. It is fun to see how many students got the question right and the leaderboard is fun to track. This does make it easy to see what students know or don’t know. One big downside is that you cannot continually track student progress via Kahoot. You can download analytics each time the game is played, but nothing is 100% since the students do not have to create their own accounts. I also have noticed that Kahoot is over used so students are no longer as excited as they once were to play. Overall, I think Kahoot is great for a quick review of the day or small unit.

How I Use It

The set up time for Kahoot is only 15-30 minutes. It is easy to set up and the students have no difficulty getting registered and set up. Kahoot is great for formative assessment and quickly turns into a class competition! You can access Kahoots that other users have made such as DECA study guides, AP course study guides, etc. There is a new team feature that allows students to work together to answer questions. Students also may answer questions on their own. In between each question a leaderboard is shown. Players earn points by answering questions correctly and quickly. You can also see how many players clicked in for each possible answer. This gives the teacher a quick snapshot on what percentage of the class understands the quizzed material. Students can create their own Kahoots and use them as study reviews, test prep, or even class projects!