Kahoot It for Success!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

Kahoot is an outstanding website to help assess what students know in a fun and interactive way. I love how the students can't see what other students have done, but that they are excited when they know they are going to go on it. They like their assessments on it and so they are engaged and want to do well. Kahoot allows you to insert videos and your own pictures to help enhance the quiz. The program also will give you an excel sheet on who answered what and whether it was right or wrong. If you have a classroom that is one to one I would highly insist you look into this website. You will not be disappointed.

How I Use It

Kahoot is used in many of the classrooms at my school. Kahoot is a fun way to give a review or even take an assessment. The students are very engaged in the activity. What I love about Kahoot is that everyone has to answer and no one feels uncomfortable if they get the answer wrong because only the computer, the teacher, and the child know they made a mistake. It allows you to see the results of how the class did so you can talk about why the answer was right or wrong. The website allows you to create your own quizzes and has a lot of premade quizzes made by other teachers. The creators of this site did an excellent job of growing this site. Ghost mode allows the student to try to beat their old scores. I use Kahoot to review before a test or to do a quick ticket to leave activity that helps me gather data on the students understanding of the lesson.